Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nobody Makes fun of Jews Better than Jews

Hot on the heels of the whole Mohammed cartoon brouhaha and the subsequent Iranian anti-Semitic cartoon contest (because, you know, the Jews are part of The Plot and therefore behind this whole thing. I see Kissinger and RAND Corp in there too somewhere)is something that is actually a good idea to try and mitigate some of the madness. That's right - it's a Jewish anti-Jew cartoon contest! This is really a fabulous idea. I know that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (shown here with one of the 1979-80 US Embassy hostages) is a big fan of anti-Jew contests, unfortunately for him he isn't eligible to participate because, in another blatant show of Jewey Jewishness, it's only open to Jews. How dare they! I guess Ahmadinejad will have to make due with the Iranian anti-Semitic cartoon contest. Iranian hate fantasies aside however, it just wouldn't do to have someone else win this contest. That's the point - it's Jews making fun of themselves.
Humor can be a great tool if used properly (an art that is difficult under the best circumstances), and the people behind this contest are using it in the best way imaginable. They're not only showing that, unlike the protesters that burn embassies and kill people, they can take a joke, but they're also diffusing any tension that this contest would have from Jews and putting it to constructive use. I applaud their efforts, and if I was a) Jewish and b) any sort of artist, I'd totally participate.

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Cheeth said...

But then you'd have become Jewish just for the jokes.