Thursday, February 23, 2006

Israel Blows Up Mosque "On a Lark..." says Iranian President and all-around nutjob Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Of course, because the US is controlled by Zionists, we are also responsible. This is in spite of President Bush's offer of US help to repair the mosque.
What possible reason would we have to blow it up? We are in Iraq, trying to get the Shiites and Sunnis to like each other and we felt like we needed a new challenge, so we blew the sucker up then blamed it on Baathist insurgents? Perhaps it's that we hate Islam so we decided that we'd take out some of their holy sites. Watch out Mecca, you're next on the list!
Seriously, Iran is getting scary. Ahmadinejad is toeing the Ayatollah's line more (at least in public) than any Iranian leader in more than a decade. They seemed like they were going to reform from within. The people are fed up with a religious junta telling them how to live their lives and they've protested in the streets for years against that regime. However, the iron fist of the regime has come back with a vengeance. Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, and I don't know which would be worse: al Qaeda with a nuclear bomb or Iran with one. Al Qaeda would certainly threaten to use it and probably would try, but I think Iran may be the looser canon here. If they funneled their weapon through Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad and it got into Tel Aviv, we'd have Armageddon in the Middle East as Israel bombed Iran back to the Stone Age. Heck, we might nuke Iran if they do that. North Korea is scary, but if anything, Kim Jong Il is somewhat rational. He wants money and security. Iran just wants to eliminate Zionism. Unfortunately right now we don't have a credible alternative to war in Iran. We don't have the troops to invade, nor the world support, and any military action - Israeli bombings or whatever - would lead to war with Iran because of our complicity. Right now they're just too big and our forces too spread out to be able to take care of this, but Ahmadinejad seems to not want to give us any choice.

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