Friday, February 03, 2006

Oprah? Noprah.

Well, I lost my post. Let's start again, shall we? I mentioned a week ago that I'd get to Oprah's Tom Cruisesque bout with insanity, and now I am. Keep in mind that I haven't actually seen this Oprah, but because my wife is an official Oprah Watcher, I feel qualified to talk about her anyway. (And if I didn't feel qualified, I'd still do it.) This all started with her defending James Frey's book, A Million Little Pieces. She did defend it when it first came out that he was stretching the truth a little bit. Then, Oprah looked like quite the fool. People were calling her out, and so she completely changed tactics. She invited Frey on her show, and in front of a national TV audience, she took a rusty butter knife out and proceded to disembowel him in a ritual act of hara-kiri to defend her honor.
Did she need to do this? No. She could have just issued an apology and said she'd vet her book club books more closely in the future. Instead, she blamed the publisher, Frey, and society on her mess up. The mighty Queen of the Universe, Oprah Winfrey, couldn't have been fooled. It was shenanegans! She refused to take responsibility for her actions, and as such, she's as much a part of the problem as Frey was. She was stretching the truth with what actually happened. She's addicted to the love of the world and couldn't take someone actually saying she's full of crap. So she stretched the truth (lied, as she said Frey did) to make it even better and more delicious. Again, isn't that wrong? According to Oprah it is. Shouldn't she be rolled out on the carpet to be trampled by millions of Oprites as a result? The answer is unequivically yes. She may be a wonderful person, but I am calling bullcrap on this one. Oprah, you're on notice.

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