Monday, February 20, 2006

Fantasy Apprentice

One show that I've looked forward to ever since it started is The Apprentice. The first season was a gem and it's very rewatchable on DVD. The second season was rough, very rough. My man Bradford got out way too early because of a bad decision on Trump's part and the rest of the candidates just weren't as strong. It didn't help that the eventual winner, Kelly Perdew, had the personality of a cardboard cutout. The third season got better, and the fourth season had the show hitting its stride again. I have high hopes for the fifth season that's starting up a week from today. My only beef is that NBC, in all their infinite wisdom, decided to schedule it opposite 24 on Monday nights. It was opposite CSI (my wife's favorite show) and now it's opposite 24 (my favorite show). Thanks NBC, thanks a lot. It looks like it's another season of watching The Apprentice on tape upstairs while we TiVo 24 downstairs.
Another reason to be excited is someone they are already playing up to be the return of Ivan Drago: Lenny the Russian. Unfortunately NBC doesn't have that spot up on the internet, but trust me...give him a pair of boxing trunks and he's just as evil.
One of my Apprentice traditions is Fantasy Apprentice. Yahoo hosts it and even if you don't know anything about it or watch it, sign up and give it a whirl. You can win bragging rights and a mention here on Ye Olde Two Guys from Quantico Bloge as well as a nifty Photoshopped picture of a trophy to post as your desktop wallpaper.
Go to the Fantasy Apprentice Home Page
The group ID is: 460
The password is: trump

Hope to see you there!

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