Monday, February 20, 2006

I'll take a Cheese Mohammed

Making another stab at the Danes, the Iranian confectioner’s union ordered pastry shops to officially change the name of Danish pastries to “Rose of Mohammed” pastries (you cannot make this stuff up). Bakeries all over Iran were covering up any baked reference to Denmark with black banners symbolizing mourning. One shop owner offered explanation for the dramatic fad with these words, "This is a punishment for those who started misusing freedom of expression to insult the sanctities of Islam". Personally I don't think this punishes the Danes very much at all, in fact they could probably give a flying turban if Iran chooses to refer to all Danish inspired pastries as a "Rose of Milwaukee".

I suppose many of you will say, didn’t we as American’s do something similar just recently with french fries? Yes, and no. There were some American’s who avidly boycotted anything with "french" in the title, french fries, French’s mustard, and French Stewart, but most of us scoffed at the name switching fools, and nothing was headed up by something as ominous as the "confectioner's union". I suppose though if it makes Iran feel better by really sticking it to the Danes by means of a pastry war then so be it, hopefully it will all be resolved peacefully, until then I'll take a Rose of Mohammed and some Freedom fries.

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Cheeth said...

I was boycotting French Stewart long before Chirac had any tiffs with Uncle Sam.