Friday, February 24, 2006

Isaiah Thomas' Fantasy Knickerbockers

There really isn't any competition in the sports world for the title of "Worst General Manager." Isaiah Thomas, the man with the names of two biblical prophets and one apostle, is in a class of his own. He took over the New York Knicks from Scott Layden a few years back and proceeded to destroy it even more than Layden did. Zeke has built a reputation of buying the most expensive players in the league without paying attention to the position they play, if they're injured, or how good they still are. He has to have the worst (15 wins so far this season) $150 million team of all time. He's got a backcourt with two shoot-first point guards (Stevie Franchise and Stephon Marbury), no inside presence, and a coach who has to wonder what in the world he got himself into. Here's Larry Brown, one of the winningest coaches in NBA history, and he came to coach this train wreck of a franchise? One that's just a hop, skip, and another bad trade away to forever having to pay $200 million to the most talented bunch of people in NBA history. Of course, like the 2004 US Olympic "Dream Team," that doesn't mean that they play well together or even like each other. While Zeke was a great player and might even be a decent guy, he's not one who will ever be mistaken for Theo Epstien.

Speaking of terrible GMs, here's a fun column from ESPN's The Sports Guy on a fantasy get-together of them and what he thinks it would be like

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