Monday, February 06, 2006

rilvary sux

I'm all for a good college rivalry, the name calling, wearing of colors, co-ed jokes and so forth. The problem is some people can't keep it all in good fun, they feel both compelled and justified in taking it to a whole new level of retardation. In Utah we have one of the more recognized rivalries in the nation, for those who have been absent from the world of college sports during the last 20 years, I'm talking about BYU Cougars and the University of Utah Utes. There seems to be a group of Utah fans that insist on taking the rivalry too far, a prime example of which was seen at a Jazz game not too long ago. In the Delta Center a large sign was held up that read as follows: BYU SUX!

Far be it for me to comment, but A) they are in the wrong venue B) they are in the wrong league C) they are at the wrong sport (34 - 41 was the score from the last football game in which BYU was defeated by the UofU). I see these types of behaviors from certain Ute fans all of the time, almost every game at the UofU you will see this regardless of who the actual opponent is. At the 2005 Fiesta Bowl I saw numerous signs stating "F*** BYU", "BYU Sucks" and other statements expressing their opinions about the Cougars, never mind that Utah was pitted against Pittsburgh that day.
Now I am a fair person, I know that not ALL Utah fans are this ridiculous. I also will happily discuss all the ways in which BYU fans/students are idiots (and believe me there are many). I believe that there are two types of Utah fans. There are those who love the University of Utah, and those who love it simply to hate BYU. Most Utah fan fall into the first category, they adorn themselves in red, have good laughs at BYU co-ed jokes, and boo loudly when BYU takes the field. I respect these fans greatly, I still dislike their team, but I respect them. Then there are the "other" fans who don't really seem to care about the Utes, other than it gives them a chance
to show how cool they are by hating BYU. I can put up with this to a point, but when it starts filtering into the professional sporting arena which has no affiliation at all with BYU or even college sports it has to stop.

I'm begging the real Ute fans to reign in all the idiots giving you a bad name. If you do this for me I'll make every effort to stop all the I'm-going-to-BYU-and-am-holier-than-thou attitudes that seem to run rampant.

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