Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steel is stronger than Venti Mocha Latte

The Pittsburgh Steelers just won the Super Bowl. What are they going to do next? Disney World, of course. The Seahawks just lost, so they are going to go back to the most depressing city in the US and wait around for a sunny day. Now I don't mean to malign Seattle - it has some great scenery if you leave town - but it's absolutely insane. They truly have lived up to the legend of their founding father, who built the city on an island that disappeared when the tide came in. Not only are they insanely liberal, but they will throw money at any hare-brained scheme they can find. There's the underground bus system. The above-ground bus system. A subway. Freeways that make Soviet expressways seem idyllic by comparison. And, not to be forgotten, a monorail that has 2 stops: Nordstrom and the Space Needle. To make matters worse, the trains actually crashed into each other. I don't know how that was possible, as they have been travelling back and forth on these same tracks for so many years now, but apparently they made it happen. The only good thing that came out of this was that there weren't any people injured, mainly because there weren't any passengers on the train.
Farbeit for me to say that they should just give up and stick one more bus on that same route, but why spend $100,000 on a project when you can just send a monorail across a lake and spend $20 billion on it?


Anonymous said...

i assume then that you would recommend by comparison the insanely conservative utah (which is considerably less ideologically diverse than your "insanely liberal" seattle; but i imagine that doesn't matter since your real concern is not the "insanely" part but rather the "liberal," no?), or crime-ridden pittsburgh?

Sorro said...

For me, Utah is a much better place than Seattle, that's for sure. I don't know if I'd go so far as recommending Pittsburgh over it though. I would recommend New York City over Seattle though - now that's a happening town.
Seriously though, where else in the US can you have a worthless monorail that is on the chopping block, but have people protesting on the streets to save it - other than Disneyland?

Forro said...

I'll tell you one reason to recommend Salt Lake City over Seattle (as we should compare cities rather than a city to a state), cleanliness. For a city that seems oh-so concerned with the envrionment (noted by the fact that I was accousted multiple times by street corner lobbyists) how about cleaning up your streets. I'm not talking the side alleys and back roads, I'm talking the trash that is consuming both the downtown area surronding the convention center as well as historic downtown. Seattle has some interesting things to see, but it is becoming somewhat of an eyesore due to litter. Perhaps while people are sitting around sipping thier lattes they could tidy up a bit.

Cheeth said...

The monorail was built for the World's Fair in 1962, so it's got that nostalgia factor.

What I want to say, though, is that I like Seattle, a lot. I think it's a lot more interesting than Salt Lake, though I like Salt Lake a lot too. I don't mind liberal people OR conservative people, milling about or even approaching me, though. Seattle is more interesting to walk around in, because it is near the sea, is bigger, and has more greenery.

I think I like places that have less people like me. That could explain why I live in Japan. It may also mean I have a certain self-loathing, too.

But be nice to Seattle. And anonymous, be nice to Salt Lake City. I would venture that neither is insanely anything. What a silly thing, to say that an entire city is undesireable because of its politics! That's pretty insane. Anyone who says that everything one political party or ideology says is right is an idiot. The conservatives and the liberals both say and do dumb things, because they are humans.