Thursday, April 05, 2007

Man Art

I hereby declare that I want to buy something from this company based on the name alone. You'd think it was Japanese - like Hard Off, but it's not. I used to drive past a place called Rod Works when I would go to Salt Lake City, but it's not nearly as awesome now that I know about Wood-Joy. I think I could use a giant baseball bat in the corner of my office or right behind my desk.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Here's a few links (sorry, can't embed these) to the recent NCAA tourney highlights with Gus Johnson calling. It's incredible how much better those games are with him on hand to tell you how it is. You just can't help but get excited.

CBS Montage:

Xavier/Ohio State ending:

Especially take a gander at this clip right here for the unedited Gus:

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not Just For Hitting The Fan - News - Principal admits throwing excrement

I have to say, the above news story is awesome. I've not seen anything like it in all my years in school, although I have to say it certainly would have made things more interesting. The only question I have other than does the principal have any hope of getting another job in their field is was this principal a monkey? You don't hear of feces flinging humans very often, but it's common among chimps and other lesser primates.

Here's what happened as far as I can tell: there was a poofight in the bathroom, with kids flinging poo everywhere, akin to a food fight, only using post-processed food. The principal walked around the corner, saw it spilling into the hallway and decided to join in. I defy anyone to give me a better explanation. Also of note: her last name is Pantalone, which is quite appropriate as pantalones generally keep feces out of people's hands.