Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wisdom from the 50s

Ah there anything you can't do?

Friday, November 24, 2006


Here's a great spot that someone made for Chevy. Of course, I don't think that GM was too happy about it.

Mass Hysteria

Black Friday is upon us. I was going to be out and about for an epic bout of deal-getting, but after driving past Best Buy at 8:30 last night and seeing over 100 people in line, my hopes of getting a $379 Core Solo laptop vanished in a poof of smoke. While I will testify to the goodness of the deals, isn't this getting a little out of hand? Sure, $350 is a lot of money and a lot of savings, but is it worth skipping Thanksgiving for? I saw (and this is no joke) people at Circuit City at noon yesterday just waiting. Why are you waiting?! Why aren't you at home deep frying a turkey/burning your house down? I would say that some of this is they typical college town mentality that we have here, but those students are gone. The people I saw at Best Buy were a cross section of society. I will say this, it's not worth my time. Most people would consider time more valuable than money, but not your typical Black Friday shopper. You can always get more money (sell your shirt, your pants, etc), but it's awfully tough to get more time. While I admire the tenacity of these deal hunters, maybe they're taking it just a bit too far. I skipped Best Buy and instead woke up an hour early to hit Target. It was a madhouse in there. There were people who just didn't get the concept of forward motion in addition to those who were parking their shopping carts anywhere and everywhere. It didn't matter if they were in front of the door or blocking an aisle, they just figured they'd cram them there. Some people get a rush in these giant crowds, but not I. I'll still brave them for a good deal, but it's not something that floats my boat. I spent most of the extra time I had this morning playing Company of Heroes, and that was a lot funner than killing an old lady for $50 off a television.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will it Blend?

Does anyone else remember when Letterman used to do "Will it Float?" I loved that bit. It was surprising what would float - a 5 lb tub of potato salad for instance. Anyway, here's a twist on the formula that I quite like.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The GOP's Not Dead Yet

I've been meaning to blog about the election results for quite a while now and the delay is because I've just ran out of time, not because I'm crying over the results. You'd think that a dyed in the wool Republican like me would be bemoaning the Democratic takeover of the House and Senate, but I think it's actually a good thing. The Republicans had been in power for 12 years and they were betraying their values in an attempt to stay in power. I'm not talking about gay marriage or anything like that. Instead, I'm talking about taxing and spending. During their 40 years in exile, the Republicans were always the party of less spending and less taxes. During President Bush's terms in office, however, they've become the pork party. They've ballooned the budget with all kinds of earmarks and subsidies, they've not cared about the deficit, and they've backed their way into huge increases in entitlement spending. They needed a reality check, and I really hope this is it. I would love to see them return to their former stance of "get the government out of people's pocketbooks." Let's lower spending, lower taxes, and see where that takes us. Laffer's Curve hasn't hurt us yet! Maybe in 2 years the Republicans will see the light. Maybe it will take longer. Either way, let's keep the Democrats in power until they do figure it out. We need 2 contrasting parties here, not 2 sides that do exactly the same stuff. Where's the choice in that?

Scholastic Aptitude

I've been out of town for a bit and will get a good post down a little later today. Until then, here's a little test to see how you'd do on basic school subjects:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Will Soon Be Rich

Who knew that deposed leaders in Africa knew who I am or had this kind of money to split with me (although Nigerian leaders are more generous), and all for just sharing my bank account information with them!

From: Mrs. Bianca AlhassasCotonou, Benin Republic, West Africa.
Dear Sir,

I am Mrs. Bianca Alhassas the wife of Late Khadim Alhassas,former minister of defence and chief of army staff of the republic of Sierra Leone in the defunct Government of Bernado Viera. My husband died during the recent coup d'etat, which deposed the former head of state. In the wake of the incidence, I fled together with my family to Benin Republic and took refuge to avoid further oppression from the incumbent government who have seized all my family's properties and seized all accounts belonging to the allies of the deposed president.

Due to this unfortunate situation, I am desperately searching for a reliable and honest partner in your person to assist me in receiving as quickly as possible, the sum of Twelve Million United States Dollars only (US$12,000,000.00) which is the only money that is still safe and intact deposited by my late husband in my personal name in a Finance Firm in Benin Republic on my behalf.

I am therefore passionately requesting your kind assistance to receive this Fund in your country, for safety. I have solidified every arrangement to prepare Legal Documents at the High court of Justice / Finance Firm where the fund is presently deposited, making you the trustee and beneficiary of this fund for a hitch free withdrawal. If I will get your positive response to this urgent plea my good friend. As we meet in due course, we shall be discussing further on other important issues regarding mutual business relationship and possibility of securing a resident-permit for me and my two kids in your country.

I am not comfortable and do not feel safe staying here in Benin Republic due to security reasons as my life is at risk. I must confess that I repose much hope and trust in youassisting me out of this ugly crises.

I am equally willing my good friend to compensate your kind efforts and co-operation in assisting me and my two kids with Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$700,000.00) only, if you can offer me this help. Please be informed that I am contacting you based on trust.
Do not disappoint me, your security and reputation is highly guaranteed; absolute confidentiality should also be adhered to. Please! Please! I pray your urgent assistance. Contact me immediately if you are willing to offer me this help, also send to me your full name and address, private phone and fax number so that we can proceed immediately with the change of Legal documents that covers this transaction. This transaction would be covered by the High Court of Justice Of BeninRepublic for your assurance and Utmost guarantee.

The United States of America High commission in Benin Republic is aware of this development. This is Legal and Hitch free. Waiting to hear from you. Your's Sincerely, Mrs. Bianca Alhassas

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

John Kerry: Still A Bonehead

I'm back! I'm immersed in wall-to-wall election coverage on CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, and ABC and following it on the internet and I happened to come across the Frankenstinian visage of John Kerry proudly touting that Ted Kennedy has been elected to the Senate 9 times. That of course reminded me of Kerry's idiotic comment about the soldiers and how they were idiots. Sure, he says it's about Bush, but that's BS. He defamed the troops in Vietnam and he's done it again in Iraq. For someone who was a war hero, he certainly doesn't think much of soldiers. Of course, he can't keep his snobbery to himself and as Jimmy Chunga said, he wasn't satisfied blowing one election - he had to go and blow his only other chance at winning the White House. At any rate, what kind of person says this stuff? You'd think that he wouldn't have ever been elected with the tin ear he has, but he is from Taxachussetts and almost anyone with a D after their name will win an election there.

Monday, November 06, 2006

More Carl Lewis Hilarity

If the post below wasn't good enough, take a look at this one. I thought I'd posted this earlier, but I didn't, to my everlasting shame. A few questions:
1) Is it just me, or does Carl Lewis look suspiciously like a woman here?
2) Speaking of women, I really want to know what the deal is with that old bag that Carl goes into the sauna with. It's not like he didn't have hot 80s girls hanging around. He didn't have to settle for the 80 year old.
3) Why did he think this was the career for him? He was a very successful runner after all.
Anyway, without further ado, "Break It Up"

America, Be Not Proud

Here's a gem from the YouTube Archives: Carl Lewis (the world class sprinter) trying his hand at singing (in front of a crowd!).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sweet x Awesome

I'm particularly proud of my latest purchase:

If that shows up as an empty box, my purchase is U2 By U2, a monster biography of the world's greatest band. Yeah, I know that a lot of people don't like Bono's pontificating or they think that The Beatles were clearly superior (they're not. Exhibit A: "Love Me Do"), but you can't deny that they have had a ton of success. The really amazing thing isn't that they've managed to stay both relevant and popular for nigh unto 25 years, but that it's the same band that entire time. I could say that no other band has ever been both popular and stable like this in the history of music and I would probably be right. It was 21 bucks at Costco, and when you see a discount like that on a book like this, you have to get it. It has all kinds of pictures, tales of the band and the music, and so forth. I have to say that if you are a U2 fan, this is a must purchase, even more than U2 At the End of the World (which I didn't think could be surpassed - and can't as a narrative of life with the band). I haven't read the whole thing, and I've got other books in the queue, but I recommend this sucker more highly than almost anything else.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dar the Halls!

One of the most annoying things in all the world is how Christmas tends to rampage over half of a calendar year. No longer content with throttling Thanksgiving, Christmas has steadily encroached on Halloween's territory. Now I'm not the biggest Halloween fan mind you. Sure, candy and dressing up are all fun and games, but it's more of fun and games for kids. Give me good old fashioned getting fabulous cash and prizes any day of the week.
What's even worse is the Christmas music. It's good for what it is, but no sane human could possibly listen to as much Christmas music as the Christmas Musicistas are pushing these days. KOSY 106.5 in Salt Lake has moved to an all-Christmas music format. They started on Halloween (you know, when other stations play Halloween music) and plan to play it for the rest of eternity. Seriously. How many different versions of "Jingle Bells" can you listen to before either grabbing a rifle and picking people off from a bell tower or adding to the higher holiday suicide rate? Even when you get every version that every artist in the history of music recorded of those songs, you still end up hearing the same version at least twice a day. Why do these stations do it? After KOSY went over to their all-crappier-than-usual-all-the-time mix, Star 96.7 pulled the trigger and I'm sure FM-100 isn't far behind. Can't I have some non-Christmas music stations here in Salt Lake please? It's not too much to ask.
Well, at least I have that Mexican music station that's not on the Christmas cycle yet.